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Loneoceans.com began as a simple project - a small website to document some of the things I've done, and to create a little virtual space of my own. Originally named Cyber3DLabs back in 1999, my websites have gone through huge changes. From Cyber3DLabs, it became imagine.@ and idreamz. Finally, I decided that I needed something unique to set myself apart. This was how
was born. The photograph above was at Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Africa when I was there to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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Created on 10 April 2009, Updated 23 March 2014. Contact: loneoceans[at]gmail[dot]com
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Welcome and thanks for visiting my little presence on the internet.

Discovery Channel says that the world is awesome. It is, but not only is it awesome, it is also incredibly beautiful. I created this website to share some of this beauty and wonder I have discovered.

This website is divided into a few main pages, documenting many of the projects I've embarked on, showcasing some of the art works and photographs I've created, as well as other curiosities and miscellaneous things I hope to share and inspire others. I guess this site is a tangled amalgamation of science, technology, art and life. Kind of how my life is like. Things always get busy though; you could say this site is perpetually under construction as I try to balance updating the site with the business of real life.

I am currently an undergraduate student in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It's a path I'm still continually exploring and discovering. I am grateful for my Alma Maters Raffles Junior College, Raffles Institution, Nan Hua Primary and Radin Mas Primary for the amazing opportunities they have given me, the fantastic education, and the great memories. I was born and raised in sunny Singapore, which by the way, is very nice :).

To list all my interests would require a prohibitively long page. But other than milling around with schoolwork, I enjoy working on random side-projects in my free time, taking photographs, climbing rocks and mountains, cycling and ice-skating, doing a little bit of art and music, and trying to bring some joy into this world.

This website is dedicated to my family and friends, who never stopped believing in me.

 - Gao Guangyan 2013

Email: loneoceans [at] gmail [dot] com
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/loneoceans/

Resume: On Request

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