Please understand that this page is provided for both your protection and mine; they are written to clarify the terms under which the content and information of this property can be used. These terms are legally binding.

1. Only graphics with expressed permission allowing the user to use the graphic are permitted to be downloaded, uploaded or placed in another directory; all images that comprise the site itself are the sole, exclusive and permanent property of the artist and may not be reproduced by any method including screen captures and/or downloads.

2. Should you use any graphic in the above mentioned category, whether a complete set or individual image, you must use a correct referring link within the same page that the image(s) appear. A text link is permitted. This is not negotiable. Please refer your links to: A page of "credits" is not acceptable. Please credit it actually on the page(s) of use.

3. You shall not alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any or all images without specifically indicated approval with the sole exception of adding text to any supplied blank button or image designed for this purpose.

4. Images from ANY portions of this website shall NOT be used by individuals whose intent in developing web sites for others is for gain (whether actual income and /or bartered for trade) whether from the site itself or from the web page developing service. Use of my images by individuals developing websites with intent to gain is unequivocally denied unless a license and written permission from me has been obtained PRIOR to the downloading, uploading or use of any graphic.

5. Any site whose intent is to earn revenue (whether actual income and or bartered for trade) is considered a commercial endeavor. The graphics in the above mentioned category (which are those with expressed permission allowing the user to use the graphic) are only allowed for personal webpages.. If you are a commercial endeavor and would like to purchase a license to use these graphics, please email me.

6. Please load the images to your own server or web site directory. Please do not link directly to my images. If you are unsure how to load to your own directory, please consult the upload data on the site service you are using. Web TV users: please use a Web TV Transloader service.

7. If you use these graphics, please email me the URL of the completed page.

8. If for any reason I request that the graphics be removed from your site, you will be given 72 hours to comply. Violations of the terms of use could subject you to this request.

9. All projects in this site have gone through lots of self research. Please credit me should you use any information from the projects page. Copying of projects for use in school projects/Science fair projects etc is not permitted without permission from me.