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Universal DRSSTC Tesla Coil Driver v2.7C (In Stock!)

Front and Back PCB Layout for the Universal Driver V2.7C


The Universal DRSSTC Driver V2.7 is THE benchmark full featured multi-purpose DRSSTC driver for high performance Tesla Coils. It was first developed by Steven Ward in 2009 and has since seen numerous revisions by Philip Slawinski, Bart Anderson, Eric Goodchild and myself. This latest revision comes with a lot of new features and has been fully tested in coils ranging from 20kHz up to 800kHz. The UD2.7C has been deployed in hundreds of builds all around the world with proven reliability and performance. Please see http://loneoceans.com/labs/ud27/ for a more detailed information. 

The UD2.7 is an advanced controller and the user should understand its operation before using.

The UD2.7C features:

This board is also used in most of my coils such as my DRSSTC 2 and DRSSTC 3 coils.

Latest revision

Version 2.7 rev C, as of May 2015 - Recommended version - verified stable and working in coils all around the world (May 2016).


I send these boards out periodically for fabrication. If these boards are sold out, please check back this page frequently or drop me an email to let me know if you are interested.

The listed prices are for a single unpopulated PCB. These have been electrically tested at the fabrication plant as well. For detailed information on how to use the board as well as schematics and bill of materials, please see my comprehensive write-up here: http://loneoceans.com/labs/ud27/.

Due to the large number of requests I get, I unfortunately will be unable to provide any additional support besides the documentation I've written up.

If the boards are sold out, please check this page periodically. If I do any more board orders, I will be updating this page.

Shipping and handling is from the USA to anywhere around the world (not included but usually relatively cheap) starting at $7.50 for USPS Priority Flat Rate and starting at ~$16 upwards for international orders. All prices are in USD.

Populated and tested boards may be available usually with a 3+ week lead via a per-case basis and depending on stock. Prices start at $160 depending on configuration. All boards are assembled by hand via a new reflow process for professional results.

*Fiber receivers are priced separately due to their high cost at +$16 for ST fiber receivers and +$8 for IF fiber receivers. Note that I am unable to conduct a full test of the board if no fiber receivers are populated. Boards are typically adjusted to 21.5V UVLO and C33 = 1nF for ~50 to 200kHz use. Populated boards also come with Molex headers and crimp terminals.
Contact loneoceans [at] g mail [dot] com for enquiries and shipping configurations.

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